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Your IP-Department On Demand

SYNERGON offers qualified strategic IP advice, with a focus on protection of commercially viable IP, keeping costs at a minimum. We see the big picture around Intellectual Property (IP) from a business-oriented perspective within the Life Sciences, biotechnology and IT sectors. We collaborate with carefully selected patent law firms and attorneys for specific projects, but still work independently as your own qualified IP-department on demand, for shorter or longer engagements.

To us, an IP-department means a team of individuals with complementary skills and experience relating to IP, business strategy, licensing, administration etc. Therefore, utilising the range of services that our team of consultants at SYNERGON offers is an effective alternative, or complement, to establishing an in-house team to manage your IP matters.

Our strength lies in that we work with IP questions from a business perspective, e.g., finding the optimal IP protection for a particular business strategy. This means that in addition to the traditional technical and legal assessment of a project or company, we focus on analysing whether the IP rights really protect the proposed business, today and into the future. We can further provide information in relation to IP related activities of competitors. Our consultants have industry experience and offer qualified assistance in relation to IP strategies.

Our goal is to offer the best business solution at the best possible price and with minimal risk.